White River, VT

The white river in Vermont is fast, exciting, and possibly the best place to go canoe in New England.

White River Trip Report:

The white river is definitely one of the best places to canoeing in New England. Just make sure you plan your trip early in the season if you want sufficient water level. Even during the last week of May the water level can sometimes be very low. During out first trip there were many times we had to get out of the boat and push it over shallow rapids. If the water had been 2 inches lower, we would have had to go home.

PUT-IN -by Gaysville, we paid a camp ground 5$ to park one car for per night.

Take-Out -At White River Junction, right where the White river meets the Connecticut river, on the corner of the narrow steel bridge is an Museum. You can park in the back, just leave a note on your car saying something along the lines of "canoeing, will be back / date"

I would say this river is of perfect difficulty for an exciting adventure. It is easy enough that first time canoers will not have too tough of a time. You may tip over, or sink once but its not so bad, just make sure its warm and you dry out properly.

The river is not easy to camp on at all, it is covered by houses on almost each side. The first night we were lucky to find a decent patch of forest, but not so much on the second. The second night we camped at a campground we found, with the fire in a grill, giving us almost no heat in our dire need due to still being wet and cold.

My recommendation is try to find a camp site a good 2 hours before it begins to get dark. On the second night we needed to find one very quickly because our second boat capsized just as it began to get dark. Half of the team was shivering as we tried to find a spot for almost an hour. Having been kicked out of one place for it being someones property we had to settle on the campground or things could have possibly gone even worse.

Overall, it was a learning trip for us, we had not gone on rapids before and were not fully prepared. I lost both of my cameras due to a faulty water proof bag (sorry no pictures :P ), We were cold, wet, but it was all part of the learning process. This spring we are again going, and hope to have more success.

This is the most fun river we have ever been on. Just be prepared, and you will be fine. I am sure White river will be one of your top canoe trips afterward!

Due to constant access to the road you can walk up to the street to buy, ice, cigarettes, beer, or what ever you need

Find camping EARLY! – don’t get wet too late in the day, Vermont gets cold this time of year.

The trip is easily doable in 2 days, just make sure you start no later then 11am.


Video of the most difficult rapids
White River watershed information
Trip Report 1
Trip Report 2
Map of White River Junction; this is where the
General Information

Start Location:You can park your car at White RIver Valley Camping for about $5.00 a day.

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Camping Island 1: This river does not provide many good camping spots. If you are going the entire length in two days, these islands make for half decent camping. Everywhere else there are houses.

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Camping Island 2: This one is a little further down, i am not 100% sure which one we actually camped on. I think… its this one.

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End Location, you can leave your car behind the building on the corrner, just above “watershed studio architecture” on the map. This is some sort of art gallery and the people there told us we could park in the back if we went canoeing. Just park the car out of the way.

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White River Photos:

White River, VT

White River, VT

White River, VT

White River, VT

White River, VT

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