Taunton River, MA

The Taunton River starts in Bridgewater, MA at the joining of two rivers, the Town River and the Matifield River. The Taunton is about 44 miles long and contains the state’s largest wetland called the “Hockomock Swamp”.

The Rivers water quality is B and it is the longest New England costal river without Dams. Fishing, bird watching, canoeing and camping are all popular activities along the river banks.

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Trip Reports:

Taunton river Trip report 1 via paddling.net  
Taunton river Trip report 2 via paddling.net  
Taunton river Trip report 3 via paddling.net  
Taunton river Trip report 4 via paddling.net

Start Location: Bridgewater, MA – Where Town River and Matifield River meet.

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End of River

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