Housatonic River, MA, CT

The Housatonic River is a 149 Miles long and runs south through Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. The river exits out into the ocean by Long Island between the two towns of Milford and Stratford. The name of the river comes from an Indian phrase meaning “beyond the mountain place”. The United States also named a ship after the river, which also turned out to be the first ship to be sunk by a submarine. The river conditions are mostly quick water with class I rapids and a few class II. A class VI rapid is located at Great Falls in Canaan, CT. This section also contains a DAM and is not paddle able. The most difficult part of the River is class V water at Bulls Bridge, CT. The Findariver team has not yet canoed the Housatonic River. We hope to this upcoming summer will give us the chance to do so.

History / About:

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Trip Reports:

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Start Location: Start anywhere around Pittsfield, MA

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End of River

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