Saco River, ME

The Saco river in Maine is a popular destination among young college kids from the Boston area. In peak summer the entire river most closely resembles a massive booze cruise. The river is not difficult, basically all flat water except for one tiny rapid near the end. This is the river for a relaxing, swimming and swinging from ropes on trees into water. The river flows slowly and the only obstacles are other canoers and fallen trees / logs.

There are multiple Get-Off points so you can play your journey from 1-3 days. If you go during peak summer, it is likley there will be many people. Dont expect isolation when you pitch your tent; likley almsot every bank of the river will have some campers.

The ease of the river allows anyone to come, even those with no prior skills. The river is open all summer and is pretty much a good choice for a trip on any hot day. This is the river where you will find people with keggs, grills, and boom boxes on their boats. Parking for the cars is around 20 dollars a car per day.

Just a Tip: Camping after the 9 Fiddlehead campground beaches is free. Otherwise you are charged 10 dollars a person.


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Start Location: You will be charged a small fee for parking. Canoe rental is available at the spot.

End location – The shortest bit.

End Location #2: You will also be charged here to leave your car…

Saco River Photos:

Saco River, Maine

Saco River, Maine

Saco River, Maine

Saco River, Maine

Saco River, Maine

Saco River, Maine

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